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The hard disk drive comes in variety of sizes. The sizes may be physical as well as the logical in nature. The hard disk drives that are available inside the laptops are usually very small in its physical size. The same capacity hard disk drives are generally used for the computer desktop system has a comparatively larger size.

The hard disk drive in the earlier computer system was of the large size that had very small storing capacity. As the age advanced; the size of the hard disk drive physically decreased and the hard disk drives logical size that is in terms of the storage capacity has increased. The cost of the hard disk drive increases if the physical size decreases.

But the cost of the hard disk drive increases if the logical size in terms of the memory capacity increases. Presently the hard disk drives that are being used in the super computers have the capacity of tera bytes.

Usually as the present size physically in the desktop computer is a standard one; hence when we talk about the size, it is usually the memory capacity in it. The capacity of a hard disk drive in any computer system and the files that it may contain may be confusing.

There are standards in the different size values. The important thing is to note that these standards are not used by all the manufacturers and the developers. For example, the terminology may be different but the meaning is almost same. One manufacturer may use the term as the gigabyte. And for the same value the other manufacturer may use the term as the gibibyte.

Also in reference with the various sizes of the hard disk drives the memory of the same capacity hard disk is also dependent on the concept of the File system that is used to store the data or the information on any hard disk drive. The file system is chosen the first time the hard disk drive is used.

The first step in the installation procedure of a hard disk drive is to format it and choose the File system. The system is also the operating system dependent. Like the usual file system on a Microsoft’s Windows operating system is the FAT – File Allocation Table. The other type of the file system that can be used is the NTFS. The size in memory in case of the FAT is more than in the case of the NTFS. The Linux operating system has a completely different file system.

The size of the hard disk drive can also be divided into separate locations. These locations are called as the partitions of the hard disk drives. The method that is used for the purpose of creating these partitions is called as the Hard disk Partitioning.

The portion of the hard disk drive that is partitioned behaves completely like a different hard disk drive. The importance of creating the partitions in any hard disk drive is that they are not dependent on the other partition. Usually the partitions that are made like this are called as the logical partitions.

It is possible to format one partition while the data or the user information on the other partition is kept intact. The partitioning in a hard disk drive is usually done by using the FDISK.

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