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Hard Disk Drives life

The life of the hard disk drive depends upon the usage and many other factors. The most important among all of them is the proper management of the hard disk drive. There are many drivers and utilities that are presently available for the hard disk drive. The program like the disk defragmentation etc should be regularly run in order to maintain the hard disk drive.

These are the program utilities that are provided in the operating system itself. Also the Scandisk and the Check disk programs be run do determine the condition of the hard disk drive. The hard disk drive is an important part of any computer system and hence care should be taken to ensure that it is in best working condition.

The life of the hard disk drive obviously increases if the hard disk maintained accordingly. There are also external third party software that provides the information of the low level sectors and the physical condition of the hard disk drive. An example of one such software is HDDlife. The software has the capability to provide the information about the hard disk drive like the temperature, capacity that is available, performance, free space etc.

It is not that the physical damage of the hard disk drive only degrades the life performance of the hard disk but also the improper usage of the hard disk will result in the decrement of the life time. The reason for this is that the hard disk drive has the sectors as the low level units that store the information or the data over it.

The data when stored over the hard disk drive will again be retrieved some time or the other. Hence the continuous storage and retrieval process will cause that data sector which is accessed continuously to get corrupted which may subsequently be called as the ‘bad sector’. Therefore it is always advisable to check up regularly the hard disk drive using the Scandisk and Checkdisk programs. The bad sector can then be fixed up so that it is not used further in the future.

The other thing that should also be carried out at regular intervals of the time is the defragmentation. The data that is stored over the hard disk is stored in the chunks of the memory locations that are distributed over the hard disk drive. There may be several gaps between these chunks of the memory. The physical distribution of the data may be on different locations of the hard disk drive.

The defragmentation is the process where in the program locates such gaps and sequentially fills them up. The data or the information that is stored over the hard disk drives is then distributed uniformly all over the hard disk drive. The hard disk drive has a better performance. The result of which is that the hard disk is faster and some memory is saved as the data is in uniform memory locations.

The data accessibility is faster and the data. There are many small utilities that are available for increasing the life of the hard disk drive. It is also said that the low level formatting decreases the life of the hard disk drive.

In case of the normal formatting the data is just deleted; but in the case of the low level formatting the all the data areas are deleted and the result is that the in the case where the data is overwritten after the deletion.

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